Higher Education Cuts in Scotland – A documentary.

2017-03-07 (5)

And so we released it. It has been a five-month long learning curve. Five months of debating, fighting with data, dismissive politicians and self-imposed deadlines. We tried to capture a wide, clear picture of the issue that honoured the truth of the events, the struggles of all the stakeholders involved, and that still remained respectful to the staff that have been or will be affected by the university’s rather painful approach to savings.

This is, however, not a conciliatory piece of work and was never meant to be. Yesterday at the first screening of the documentary, we witnessed another attempt by a member of senior management to remind the student body that we should be all on the same side.  As a member of the student body, I will never be on the same side than a people who treat students and staff as the variables in an equation that they can freely toy around with. As a journalist, I have very clear beliefs of what the student media should NOT be:

  1. It should NOT be a silent, placatory presence under the university’s wing.
  2. It should NOT be ANOTHER catalyst for good university ranking scores or a showcase for the joys and wonders of student life – not while efforts might as well be spared on investigating topics like the one that this documentary deals with.
  3. It should NOT be a channel of institutional propaganda for the University of Dundee – or DUSA -, but a watchdog and a provider of information on the issues that students should be hearing about. Issues that demand revolt and action, because only this way will we ever get our University to be worth the scores that it is credited with. Yesterday was awkward. And it’s going to get worse. We’re not here to make friends. But that’s alright because
  4. the student media should NOT fear to be uncomfortable

and boy, are we going to be uncomfortable.


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